Paper: Recovering, Recycling and Marketing

Paper is one of the most widely used products on earth – and the single largest component of most waste streams. With Boston Group’s extensive knowledge and experience almost all grades of paper are recoverable and recyclable and there’s a growing market for recovered fiber across the globe.

Recovered Fiber

Recovered fiber represents a tremendous opportunity both for suppliers and end users. By focusing on the needs of both suppliers and end users, Boston Group maintains a vast, recovered fiber network, including partnerships and affiliated companies in countries around the world. This allows us to gauge the demands of each end user, offer consistent movement at competitive prices to our suppliers, and respond quickly to shifting global markets.

Suppliers: Boston Group helps suppliers reduce costs by diverting waste paper from waste streams, avoiding costly dumping fees, and turning waste into value. We are able to recover and market all grades of waste paper.

End Users: Boston Group helps end users quickly and economically source and obtain recovered fiber products. Our diverse supply base includes office buildings, commercial and business generators, municipal and private material recovery facilities and paper packing plants.

Joblot Paper

Joblot. Stocklot Seconds. Repulp. No matter what you call it, Boston Group has it covered.

Boston Group specializes in procuring and marketing all grades of paper in roll and sheet form for converting, printing and repulping. We work with our suppliers, trading partners and end users to secure a regular supply of paper. Through our partnerships and affiliated companies around the world we are able locate markets for all grades of paper regardless of quality or defect.

Among the types of paper we work with:

  • Linerboard
  • SBS
  • Polycoated cup and milk stock
  • Kraft Bag Stock
  • Newsprint and groundwood specialty grades
  • Printer excess and obsolete inventory
  • Repulping rolls

Let us know what grade of paper you have. We will find a market for it.

Let us know what type of recovered fiber you require. We will procure it for you.

We turn waste into a resource and an opportunity.