Boston Group
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Waste. Resource. Opportunity.

Boston Group is a recognized leader in the recovery, recycling and marketing of recyclable materials across the globe. With decades of experience the forefront of the recycling industry, Boston Group’s deep knowledge and broad supplier, customer and partner base allow us to efficiently market all grades of wastepaper, plastics, cardboard, metals, woods, electronics, and any other recyclable material.

At Boston Group, we pride ourselves on being one of the most progressive companies in the recycling and trading industry. We believe that waste is both a resource and an opportunity. This keeps us constantly searching for the most innovative, forward-reaching ways to collect and market recyclable materials. With partnerships and affiliated offices in over ten countries around the world and an ever-growing network of supply and sales outlets, we are able to offer the best service and value in the constantly shifting landscape of the global marketplace.

Boston Group is a member of the Boston Group Family of Companies. Our partnerships with International Environmental Alliance (IEA), DC Environmental, UCC Recycling and UCC Manufacturing give us the strength, knowledge and resources to provide a full range of superior sustainable waste management and recycling services for companies of any size across the globe.

As the world moves rapidly toward a more sustainable economy, Boston Group is committed to aligning what’s best for business with what’s best for the environment. Raw materials are becoming an increasingly limited resource while demand continues to skyrocket. By building and investing in the market for recycled materials, Boston Group is at the forefront of an industry that is leading the global marketplace into the future.